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Momentific is an online baby book that helps you quickly and easily capture the sweet moments you have with your family.

Thursday 7 March 2013

New feature: Recording your child's weight

If you've been adding moments in the past few days you may have noticed some changes!

First, you can now record your child's weight in a moment. Here's where to look:

When you save, you will see the weight displayed in your moment. If you have your child's previous weights recorded somewhere (ours are on little pieces of paper from the doctor's office!) then you will want to add moments for each of those weights. Soon you will be able to see a graph of how your child is growing (including height)!

Second, we greatly improved the mobile experience. You can never predict when your kids are going to do or say something hilarious, amazing, or heart-warming! And since parenting can take a whole lot of brain power, you can't always recall all of those moments when you finally find time to sit down at the computer. We hope that being able to use Momentific with your phone means that you will be able to capture more of these memories.
Tip: Add Momentific to the home screen of your phone or tablet for quick access!

What do you think? Will you use these new features? How else can we help you record your memories? :Leave us a comment, add your idea on our feedback page, or send us a quick email!

Enjoy the moment!

(Momentific is an online baby book, journal, or diary where you can quickly and easily capture the sweet moments you have with your family.)