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Sunday 15 July 2012

Watch your baby grow with Momentific

One of my favourite things to do is look back at older photos of my little guy to remind me of how he has changed. Something we started soon after he was born was taking a photo of him each month on the same blanket. It is such a fun and easy way to see how much he has grown!

Some tips:
  1. In order to show growth, it is important to try to keep things consistent. Keeping the same setting (chair, blanket, stuffed animal) will make it easier to see how much your baby is changing in contrast to everything else! You can also try using a similar outfit each month.
  2. Prepare ahead of time (even before the baby arrives!) You don't want to be planning where to take the photos or what the baby should be wearing minutes before the photo. Having an idea of what you'd like to do will make things easier right from the start. (I've had to squeeze my babe into a too-small onesie a few times!)
  3. Make the time each month. Life gets busy and it can be easy to push the photos off, but the last thing you want is to be missing one photo at the end. Don't stress about doing it on the same date each month - it's more important to get the shot, even if it's a few days (or a lot of days) off.
  4. Don't aim for perfection. You'll only get frustrated trying to get the perfect shot. Plan to do the photo at the time of day when you baby is the happiest for the best results. It also helps to have someone silly around who knows how to get some giggles!
  5. Create a moment in Momentific for each month. Add the monthly photos, along with notes about your baby (clothing and diaper size, favourite activities and foods, daily routine).

Here is some inspiration if you are interested in doing a monthly photo!

Source: MADE

Enjoy the moment!

(Momentific is an online baby book, journal, or diary where you can quickly and easily capture the sweet moments you have with your family.)